WoW Retail tfil download (WoW.tfil)

WoW.tfil mirror.

Many Colleges/Universities block all sorts of P2P download including BitTorrent. For this reason the launcher may be unable download the tfil on its own. Download the tfil to bypass their firewall and allow your World of Warcraft to update. Just remember that after downloading the tfil it's recommended that you disable P2P transfer on the Launcher options to avoid breaking their rules on P2P usage. Other public/shared networks may have the same restrictions on Peer to Peer downloading.

  • Instructions:
    1. Select a region above. (You'll get the same error if you download the wrong tfil.)
    2. Download the zip file containing the WoW.tfil.
    3. Extract the file and place the WoW.tfil in your "World of Warcraft" folder.

      (Download the WoW.tfil, not the mfil)

    4. That's it. Now open the Launcher and let it update.
  • Error message you get when the launcher can't download the tfil: Failed to download a required file. Please check your internet connection and try again.

    You will most likely see this error if the Launcher can't download the tfil, but it's not the only cause of this error. If the tfil doesn't help you can also try deleting the Updates folder.

    If this happens during maintenance and the tfil doesn't help, the issue may be on Blizzard's end. Check the forums.

Agent & Blizzard Launcher update

This should help if the launcher is taking ~15min or longer to initialize and/or the Agent isn't updating because of P2P restrictions. (In some cases you need to update these, as well as the tfil, to be able to patch the game)

Mac OS X:

Error that may or may not displayed when Agent update fails:

Updating Tools 0% Failed to update tools.