1.0.3 ( Jun 19, 2012

Diablo III 1.0.3 patch (10057)

How to launch Diablo 3 bypassing the Launcher - Please remember that unless you have finished downloading the game completely you need the most recent mfil file to avoid crashes when bypassing the launcher.

Core Files
Updated core files. (exe files / dll files / app / etc...)

Windows / Mac OS X:

  • Diablo III 1.0.3 (build 10057) - [Language: Neutral]
    - Link removed. (Download the latest version instead)

1.0.3 MPQ files:

You're not required to download the MPQ files because the game should be able to stream them — Unless you're skipping the launcher and have an outdated mfil — But if you want to, here they are.

* You're not supposed to delete any of the MPQ files from previous builds that you have in your Data_D3 folder. *

Base MPQ
  • d3-update-base-10057.MPQ (PC/Mac) - [Language: Neutral] - 9 MB
    This file goes in:
    Diablo III\Data_D3\PC\MPQs\base\d3-update-base-10057.MPQ
Locale-specific MPQ
Platform specific MPQ


  • d3-update-Win-10057.MPQ (Windows ONLY) - [Language: Neutral] - 1.9 MB
    This file goes in:
    Diablo III\Data_D3\PC\MPQs\Win\d3-update-Win-10057.MPQ

Mac OS X:

  • d3-update-OSX-10057.MPQ (Mac ONLY) - [Language: Neutral] - 5.6 MB
    This file goes in:
    Diablo III/Data_D3/PC/MPQs/OSX/d3-update-OSX-10057.MPQ
MPQ Patch