Diablo III Patch Mirrors (Manual Update)

Where is patch 2.0.1?!

In order to properly patch to 2.0.1, it's recommended to use the launcher so that it can perform the optimization process, and this can only be done through the launcher. If you're having difficulties and don't think you're going to be able to patch the game using the launcher, first try looking for help on the D3 technical support forums, if you still can't find the solution, the best option is probably to reinstall the game using the new Battle.net client/launcher thingy. (Skipping the optimization would be possible but that will result in a 15GB+ download anyway)


If you're worried because you cannot use the battle.net launcher, Blizzard has finally taken the steps to allow people on networks that restrict P2P download to download and install their games, and although those changes might not be fully implemented yet, it shouldn't take long until this is no longer an issue.